Using SIMH to Install and Run PDP-11 Software Using Installation Media

I have several PDP-11s and peripherals in my possession which I want to get/keep
in running condition. Two of my PDP-11s are early blinkenlight models.

My PDP-11/20 was placed in use in September 1970. The machine has 32kWords of core
memory, along with a RX11 disk controller and a RX01 diskette controller. I don't
know the actual operational state of this machine, since I have never attempted to
power it up. I have focused my efforts on getting my PDP-11/10 running first.

My PDP-11/10 was first placed into service in April 1972 and is in running
condition. The machine also has 32kWords of core memory and a RX11 disk controller.

I have cleaned up a RK05j disk drive and attached it to the RX11 disk controller.
I needed to replace all of the foam and filters since they turn to dust after 40
years. I have a few disk cartridges which are usable.

Since the PDP-11/10 machine and disk are working, I needed something to run on it.
The end goal is to run Dungeon under RT-11 and Star Trek under RSTS-11.

There are some RK05 disk images available on the 'net for RT-11/RSTS/etc. Those
are fine, but I also wanted to ensure the basic documentation and media is available,
as well as preserve the knowledge on how to install and use the media.

I used the documentation and install media that I and others have captured as the basis
to get DOS-11 v9-20C installed onto a RK05 disk image under SIMH version 3.8.
Once I have a simulated RK05 disk prepared, I use my homebrewed transfer program that
transfers the disk image onto a real RK05 cartridge.

Software Guides

PTS-11 (Paper Tape System)
BASIC-11 v007A
DOS-11 v9.20C
RSTS-11 v4B
RT-11 v2C