My Collections of treasures

I like to collect things that were in use when I was young. Many of the items are as old (or nearly as old) as I am. Without giving too much information away, I am approximately the same age as my oldest item. Play detective if you want to know my age ;-)

I am a software developer by trade. I started using computers since grade 9 and I have never stopped. I collect old computer systems which I have either used to develope or deploy software, or, systems that I liked. I have always liked everything Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) has produced. Many of my older systems are DEC systems. I also like the Sun Microsystems machines. I also collect computer chips. I have computer chips from Intel's first microprocessor (4004) to Intel's latest, the Itanic^H^Hium. I also like eproms since the window allows viewing of the tiny silicon chip.

I have always liked space, both astronomy as well as space machinery. I am most interested in the early space programs (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo), but I also like the current Shuttle line. I have visited Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas as well as Kennedy Space Center in Florida. One day, I am hoping to visit the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville Alabama.

I am a paid-on-call firefighter for our hamlet. As a result, I began collecting fire related equipment. If I had the room, I would collect fire trucks, but, for now, I collect the smaller pieces of equipment.

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