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Saturn V Launch Control Room RCA 110A Computer Board

This is a NASA Apollo Saturn V Mission Launch Control Circuit Board from an (Radio Corporation of America) RCA 110A Digital Computer. During the Apollo launches of the Saturn V Moon Rocket the Kennedy Space Center used an RCA 110A digital computer to check out and evaluate the progress of the official countdown of the mission to the Moon.

This artifact was originally a critical component at the heart of this RCA computer system.

The official NASA documentation reads:


General: The Saturn Ground Computer System consists of the RCA 110A Control Computer, it's peripheral input/output devices, and associated checkout and control equipment.

These elements combine to provide a system capable of:
  • Real-time control, checkout, and monitoring of multiple digital and analog systems.
  • General-purpose high-speed computing, data processing, and data reduction.
  • Visual presentation of alphanumeric and symbolic data in tabular and graphic formats, utilizing external direct-view storage-tube display equipment.
The RCA 110A Computer is a solid state, single address, stored-program, random access, general purpose digital computer. The RCA 110A is the same as the RCA 110 machine, but additional memory had been installed.

This item has 14 discreet kovar can digital switching transistors. The circuit board is conformally coated with a clear flexible silicone layer to protect it from the Florida coasts high humidity.

There is a triangular shaped NASA certification stamp on the component side of this electronic device and it uses a series of gold contacts on the lower edge for electrical interface.

The dimensions are about 8.8 inches long by 4.25 inches wide.

All components are Space Rated for the highest reliability.

  ASSY RCA2110064-504    SERIAL NO. 12230     RCA 2163970-2

Front view:
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Rear view:
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Card Number view:
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Card Components:
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NASA Stamp:
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