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Apollo Era Shipping Tag

This is an Apollo Era Flight hardware tag. These tags were attached to atcual flight hardware when being shipped to Cape Canaveral Florida where the piece of hardware would play its role in putting man in orbit. The tag reads "CRITICAL SPACE ITEM - HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE" The bottom left corner it reads in fine print "MSFC - Tag 3 (June 1972)". MSFC references the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Alabama, home to the world's foremost collection of rocket scientists. Marshall was the center with all the brain power that put a man on the moon. Wehrner Von Braun and his team of scientists designed, developed and tested the Saturn Rockets that pushed man into the cosmos during the space race. The brains and development all happend at MSFC. This tag was originally attached to a piece of flight hardware in the 1970's. Both sides of the tag read the same with the blue NASA "meatball" Logo and a red critical space inscription. It is a heavy laminated/mylar type paper.

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