Station 60 -- Langdon Fire


60 Engine

2006 Pierce Contender with 1250 gpm pump.

60 Pump

1990 Fort Gary Pump
1050 GPM pump
1000 gallon tank

60Pump is the former front line pump. The pump is now a second line pump and
is used for grass fires as well as being in use when the primary pump is out
for service.

60 Rescue

1993 International

This unit carries a full set of rescue tools as well as our medical equipment.

60 Tank

1989 Ford 9000
12,000 litre tank

60 Bush Buggy

1993 Ford F350
300 gallon tank

This unit is used primarily for grass fires

60 Mobile Command

1993 Ford Crown Victoria
Police Interceptor

This unit is used for personnel transport primarily to training courses and meetings